Immerse the gem in the liquid on the day before the right auspicious day for wearing it. So you can wear pukhraj and gomed together. N white coral as a locet becoz as u mentioned above that one should not wear white coral with gomed n cats eye Plz suggest Thanks! White Pearl Gemstone, White Coral, and Moonstone are also perfect for the Little finger and the Ring finger too. It has all the peculiarity of Saturn. We will help you in the stone suggestions. It is an auspicious planet and bequeaths benefits like health, prosperity, wealth, fate to its wearer. Minimum Weight Of The Coral Stone: One should wear stone according to body weight (For 10Kg bodyweight need 1 Ratti). there is no development in my family like financial and others. According To astrology, cat’s eye gemstone is associated with the Ketu planet. Everything is explained in the blog. Please consult with the expert vedic astrologer. I’m Muslim. Metal: Make your pearl ring in Silver or gold. This stone is great for romantic love and unconditional love with your friends and family. Purification and Activation of Gemstone: For Purification and activate the emerald, dip the emerald ring in Gangajal or un-boiled milk for 10- 20 min to energize the gem with prescribed mantra ॐबूबुद्धाय नम: Minimum Weight Of The Emerald Stone: Generally, One should wear stone according to body weight (For 10Kg bodyweight need 1 Ratti). The sapphire is rarest and most valuable mineral which found from various parts of the world. ,clasped the rock in my hand all night and the moment I had it within my aura I literally felt internal peace never I repeat never in my 30 year life experienced.Never new magic of healing is still available on this earth, KYA 8 STONE EK RING ME DALKAR MIDDIL FINGER ME RING PAHANSAKTE HAI. Is it correct. Buy Blue Sapphire Online. You need to consult with an astrologer. Appropriate day for wearing gomed ring is Saturday. Day To Wear Diamond: For Good Results, Wearing diamond on Friday morning in Shukla Paksha days. You can also wear Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, Diamond, Emerald, or coral in this finger. So, It represents authority, dignity, boldness, commanding power, courage and kind-hearted. Purify the ring by washing it with Gangajal and raw milk. Please don’t go for any stone without proper consultation of expert astrologer if you are wearing for astrological benefits. Wear a pearl in the little finger on Monday and do not wear it along with hessonite or cat’s eye. Ruby Gemstone is a precious gemstone of Lord Sun. }, Therefore a person whose birth planet is mercury must wear this gemstone. Most of the people wear this stone for Manglik Dosh because it is believed that wearing red coral may help to nullify the Manglik Dosh. The planet Venus it the significator of the art, beauty, love, marriage, romance, fashion, cinema, theater, drama, comforts, beautiful house, photography, creativity and attraction from opposite sex.. Metal: Yellow sapphire should be worn in gold metal for the best results. below: In some cases the energy that is emitted from the stone can prove to be harmful You excel over the rest of us who can't do our … ); This planet revered with the status of the planet. This Gem also comes in other colors like black, black and white, yellow, pale blue and light red. Names of the nine planets are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu. But as much I know that cat’s eye worn day is saturday. Minimum Weight Of The Pearl Stone: One should wear stone according to body weight (For 10Kg bodyweight need 1 Ratti). Metal: Yellow sapphire should be worn in gold metal for the best results. Clean it in the glass of water, wash it in the bowl that’s in front of you. Can I wear hessonite and navratna ring? Buy Yellow Sapphire GemstoneClick Here >>. Time limit is exhausted. Please consult with your local astrologer for the proper readings. Please contact at if you want services from our astrologers. As we do not recommend anyone to wear any stone without the expert recommendations. Write below in the comment section about the question or query you have in your mind about astrological gemstones. Please suggest me what to do I have a zircon also , Date of birth 23.05.1980 Place bareilly up Time 7.50 am Name gaurav Its Enemy planets are Sun, Moon and Mars. Here, some wearing methods of Ruby. Consider wearing a suitable gemstone ring on the middle finger to advance your sense of responsibility, to focus in your disciplined work, and to develop the other positive Saturn traits. You can visit us again for the gemstone recommended by your astrologer. You can also contact us at Place your ring or pendant in the container. Turquoise is a stone for planet Jupiter which is also known as Guru or Brihaspati and it should be wear in Index finger (for Profession) which is ruled by … My dob is 14 12 1987 birth place Delhi priya. Gomed is beneficial for those involved in business, public fields of work or commissions as well as in politics. Also, a person must know these important facts like which gemstones relate to which planet, what should be the ideal weight of the stone to be adopted, in which metal the stone needs to be embedded, finger in which the stone needs to be fixed with wearing methods and what is the ideal time of subscribing this stone? Mostly people asked to wear stone between 3 ratti to 7 ratti or depends upon the body weight. Once this state is attained by the soul, the native can move towards a … Finger To Wear Emerald Stone: For best results wear an emerald ring on the little finger or ring finger of the right hand. Proper use of this Gemstone with proper wearing methods will ease matters considerably and safeguard them from scandals, lose or reputation. As we are Gemologists and will not be able to provide any suggestion. According to Vedic astrology yellow sapphire represents the planet Jupiter and also known as Pukhraj in Hindi. Before wearing of gemstone- dip it in cow’s milk or GangaJal for at … People with Aries should not wear a diamond if Venus is in the 2nd or 7th house. Make sure that you wear a good quality yellow sapphire (pukhraj gemstone) , which is free of any kinds of spots, cracks or depressions. We can help you in gemstone selection. It should be worn in the first hour of the day (after sunrise). I have been advised by an astrologer to wear white opal stone 9 and half ratti..which finger should I wear the stone..on what day and time..? Middle finger – Our second finger is … Diamond for Mesh Rashi (Aries) : (Mar 21 – Apr 20) Diamond for Mesh Rashi. Diamond (Heera) relates to the venus Planet which is the symbol of luxury, and it is beneficial to get a happy wedding life. Use search button for special searching. Mi cuenta In Which finger to wear Red Coral as Per Vedic Astrology, Red Coral also known as Praval or Moonga is the Gemstone of Mars as per Vedic Astrology. Emerald and pearl  (worn on the little finger) influence the health of your reproductive system, genitals, your legs, and feet. Read More:8 Diamond Alternative For Engagement Rings. If you can please guide..!! My weight is 80kg, how much ratti of stone should I wear? since I am running shani dasha as per the astrologer. The Ketu represents the south node of the moon and the upper half of the snake. You can wear any gemstone you like or as may be advised but it as such, will not make any difference to your life and destiny. due to its substantial power to affect the life of an individual.Ketu planet does not have any physical existence, however, due to its substantial power to affect the life of an individual. What should be the weight of it to get the best results? Ruby is the gem for Sun. should I where blue saffer too? If your Jupiter is weak and you are continuously facing troubles, not getting good results, loss in business, then you must wear the yellow sapphire but it is important to consult an astrologer before wearing it. Please consult with the expert astrloger if you want the right suggestions. So take my Salam. plz reply. Day To Wear Ruby Stone: The ruby gemstone must be worn on Sunday morning most probably during the (Shukla Dasha). Thanks for writing to us. Metal: Cat’s Eye gemstone should be worn in silver to get the best results. I am an astrologer. Thanks for writing us about your query. Planet of Sun, Moon, and Mars rules over the Ruby, Pearl and Red Coral gemstones. Cheap and bad gemstones can produce malefic results. You need to consult with the expert astrologer for the same. Therefore, in order to achieve the positive results which are being offered by these extremely efficient planets, a person can adopt different gemstones as per their association with their corresponding planet. Yellow sapphire can also have positive effects on your digestive system and respiratory system. Astrologers mostly recommended wearing ruby gemstone to those persons whose sun is not good in their horoscope or is affected by maleficent planets. It may be 24-10-1977, 22-10-1977 or 17-10-1978 in evening. Among all the gemstones, it is considered among the top three gemstones, the others being ruby and sapphire. Do not wear it with blue sapphire, diamond, hessonite and cat’s eye. Time To Wear Cat’s Eye Stone: According to astrology, The best time to wear the stone in the first hour of the day (after sunrise). Download 1 Download 2; Original Resolution: 843x628; Correct Fingers For Gems Correct Hand For Gemstones Gem Therapy Gems Guru Sacred Gems Method For Wearing Gemstones Astrolo Gemstones Buy Gemstones Stone correct fingers for gems correct hand . Metal: Make in gold or Copper ring to get good results. I live in india mumbai thane west. One numerologist suggested me to wear emerald on my little finger at least 3 carrot, he has suggested according to my weight and age. They both belong to the Feldspar class, which is a separate group of silicate minerals. Sometime astrologer recommend other way around. For astrological questions, you need to consult with the astrologer. Pearl Gemstone is regarded to be the gemstone for Planet moon. Any other option of blue kathail. It is the finger of Planet Jupiter [ Guru ]. Shall it be okay? One can wear astrological gems after astrological considerations. As he can guide you in better way. Metal: It should be studded with gold or copper ring. Thanks. My d.o.b is 14 July 1976 1.40 pm. We are proving gem recommendations reports with the help of a third party astrologers. This gem is highly suitable to those who don’t have well placed Ketu on their birth chart. However, Red coral found under a seawater depth of 500 Feet in the shape of leafless bushes. We can help you in stone selection as per your need suggested by astrologer. My birth time is 7.30 am Monday 23 Jan. 1978. Hi friends, could you tell me in which finger we have to wear the moonstone. var notice = document.getElementById("cptch_time_limit_notice_74"); Purification and Activation of Gemstone: For purification and activation of a diamond, dip your diamond ring in honey, the Gangajal or milk for 10 to 20 mins for energizing the gem with the prescribed mantra ॐशुक्रदेवायनम: Minimum Weight Of The Diamond: The minimum weight of the diamond is 0.4 to 1 carat because it is very expensive. × 7 = 56 .hide-if-no-js { display: none !important; }. My astrologer had recommended me to wore – 1. Time To Wear Pearl Stone: To ensure the enrich properties of pearl stone. My name Anand Sakhare Dob 12/01/1973 time of birth 7-02pm please suggest me which about stone which one is good for now suffering from job,money,health etc pl reply early. We can help you to get that stone as per the requirements. If you are looking for stone for astrological use, please consult with expert astrologer. However, if it does not suit you it may destroy the life of its wearer. We will not be able to help you in this as we are Gemologists and can not predict about that. Previously I was wearing manikya (ruby) on my right hand ring finger. First you need to consult with astrologer for the birth chart readings to know about stone that will suit you as per your birth chart. It signifies spirituality, peace of mind, wealth, happiness and prosperity. Finger To Wear Ruby Stone: An individual should wear ruby stone or Manik Ratna on the ring finger of the right hand. Please go through the blog for your queries. = "block"; Please consult with expert astrologer for more information about which stone suits you as per your horoscope. First, let me clear to you that we are Gemologists and blog written here are for common gemstone information and guidelines. Step 5: Mantra for the gemstone. These liquids are very pure in nature. Gemstone recommendations are done by astrologers based on the presence of planets in the birth chart. First, you need to consult with the astrologer for the right stone (stone that suit your birthchart) from an expert astrologer. Finger To Wear Neelam Stone: According to astrology, blue sapphire gemstone worn on the middle finger of the right hand. Purification and Activation of Gemstone:For Purifying and activation of ruby gemstone, firstly dip the ring in milk, honey and pure water for 20 to 30 min so that all the negativity is washed away. According to astrology, Italian Coral gives you the best results. The stone should be studded in gold. Incidentally this Gentleman and his family have been involved in a messy litigation after he started wearing the Blue Sapphire in the ring finger. Now mix pure water (preferably Gangajal), cow’s milk, and honey. Please check the blog properly for wearing methods. If you want to check astrological gemstone collection, you can visit our online store at You can also take help from our astrologer but these services are not free. Please give me suggestions. Day To Wear Pukhraj Stone: For the best result, one should wear the yellow sapphire gemstone on Thursday morning. Please consult with expert astrologer for stone recommendations. stomachs, fever, smallpox, lack of energy level, boils acidity, etc. Hello I m jithin. Before wearing a diamond it is mandatory to consult with the astrologer. The next morning, wake up well before sunrise, take a bath and prepare for a. Tiger Eye Pedant on Tuesday Morning (7-8) 3. My doubt is interested to purchase navarathna ring will it suits me. Here, these are the list of all nine planets,their wearing methods and however these are also revered as being as “Navratnas”. Also plss explain me abt yellow sapphire too thx. It is the birthstone of September month. If you are going to wear gemstone for astrology purpose, we always recommend to take advise from vedic astrologer. When Venus is powerful in the birth chat, it can bring spectacular achievement in its ruling or related field. However, in order to reap the advantages that is being provided by these planets. Like others, Mars is the ferocious red color planet that signifies courage, determination, anger, cruelty, self-determination, physical strength. We are also providing gem recommendation services with the help of third party astrologer but services are paid. Please reload the CAPTCHA. Purification and Activation of Gemstone: For purification and activation of Cat’s Eye, dip your Cat’s Eye ring in honey, Gangajal or milk for 10 to 20 mins for energizing the gem with the prescribed mantra ऊँकेंकेतवेनम: Minimum Weight Of The Cat’s Eye Stone: One should wear stone according to body weight (For 10Kg bodyweight need 1 Ratti). Finger To Wear Hessonite Stone: For the best results, the ring should be worn on the middle/ring finger of the right hand. Our gem recommendation services are provided by the third party astrologers and are paid services. Blue sapphire is a precious and expensive gemstone that relates with Planet Saturn. Ceylon Blue Sapphire will give you the best results. The minimum weight of Diamond is wrong in this article. Your email address will not be published. yes, for astrological gains you need to wear the gemstone ring 24X7. A piece of stone, howsoever valuable in terms of money, cannot change your life and destiny which is the effect of your Karma, past and present. Read on to know how wearing a diamond can benefit each Rashi. You need to check your birth chart with expert astrologer to wear any stone for astrological reasons. Marexpress. Then Recite the mantra “ॐसोंसोमायनम” or “Aum Chandraya Nama”. Can i wear it now on tuesday?? Can i wear emerald ring on wednesday of krishna puksha? If Mars is weak in a horoscope, then it will denote many diseases like- indigestion. Time To Wear Emerald Stone: The best time to wear the stone in the first hour of the day (after sunrise). Finger to wear Cat’s eye stone: The cat’s eye stone ring should be worn on the middle finger of the right hand. within 1 day to a month of wearing it. Donating money to a Brahmin will also be auspicious to maximize the benefits of wearing the gemstone. The stones of Mercury, Venus and Saturn are Emerald, Diamond and Blue Sapphire. 9 Gemstones (Navratnas) & Wearing Methods. In astrology, Diamond represents the Venus(Shukra) Planet. Time To Wear Diamond: The best time to wear the diamond in the first hour of the day (after sunrise). can i wear emarald? Feel free to shop with us for astrological gems as per recommendations by your astrologer. Gem recommendation services are paid. Time limit is exhausted. Please check your birth chart from an expert astrologer before wearing any stone. function() { timeout Mars/ Mangal is the commander of the army of the Gods and represents the essential attributes of Vitality, force, vigour and enthusiasm. This stone is also known popularly as the Panna Stone. The dealers or the sellers might try person who wishes to wear the gemstone by 10 and the remaining answer will be the that extra mile to attain the original gemstone. Day To Wear Pukhraj Stone: For the best result, one should wear the yellow sapphire gemstone on Thursday morning. It is a hot gemstone among the Navratnas and indicates love, marriage, partner, beauty, modesty, sincerity, doctor, dance, drama, etc. You can use a small ceramic cup, which is of the right size to hold your ring or pendant. Principal distribuidor de productos del mar en la Región de Los Ríos 0. If Saturn suits a person will bring all sort of happiness in one’s life. The ideal day to wear cat’s eye stone is Thursday or as per recommendation from expert astrologer after reading your birth chart. Please check with expert astrologer. The Small size of diamonds has also considered price in the markets. Hessonite gemstone is also known as gummed in Hindi and Gomed is the gemstone of the shadow planet Rahu. Day To Wear Emerald Stone: For the best astrological result, one should wear emerald on Wednesday morning. Purification and Activation of Cat’s eye stone: To dispel all the negativities from the stone, dip the ring into Gangajal or milk before wearing it. Please call me on 9474070027. I need a help. Guru ji Greeting a lot i want to wear PANCHA DHATU Bangle with mixing Gold so please advice me the Ratio of Pancha Dhatu and Gold % of ratio. Metal: For the best results, Neelam should be worn in gold or silver metal. Please consult with astrologer for your birthchart readings. So if someone is wearing red coral, he should not wear Emerald, Diamond and Blue Sapphire because their lords are enemies of Mars. Zambian and Colombian emerald gemstone give good results. Wear rose quartz crystal bracelet on your left hand to tap into its gentle, loving energies. I am left handed woman. You can check the stones by clicking at In other finger I hv rings Qurat says: 09-11-2016 I hv 1 question i hv 2 stones 1 is ruby n 2nd is garnet in which hand and finger i wear these stones plz tell me Aastha says: 09-24-2016 Can I wear agate, moonstone, cat eye or tiger stone. If you want to attract love and invite new relationship, here are some great healing crystals to wear on your left wrist: Rose quartz crystal provides you with loving energy. Each stone acts as per their qualities. According to astrology, red coral gemstone represents Mars (Mangal) planet. Time To Wear Coral Stone: The best time to wear red coral stone the first hour of the day (after sunrise). Now working in pvt job. If one should wear blue sapphire with ruby, pearl or red coral it might be harmful for people who wear it. Pushya Nakshatra. Cheap and bad gemstones can produce malefic results. Sometime stone gives you negative impact if not suit your birth chart. We can help you to select the best stone recommended as per astrologer. Do u know wht time I can wear tiger eye and which day. A single carat of an emerald stone is more precious than diamond and since astrologers recommend wearing a minimum of 2 carats in weight for effective results, this gemstone can be quite expensive! So that doesn’t wear Blue sapphire stone with Pearl, Ruby and Red Coral because of enemy planets. Finger To Wear Cat’s Eye Stone: For the best results, the ring should be worn on the ring finger of the right hand. Thank you in advance. One of the astrologer advised me to wear gomead and pukraj both. Please contact us at and ask your query to our experts. Please confirm with the expert astrologer. Thus, in order to receive the answer to all your questions, read the following article. Virgo – Emerald Suggest suitable rashi gemstone according to my dob.. Also suggest rashi gem stone for my husband dob is 6th December 1963 timing 3.30 afternoon Thanks.. Gomed can help the wearer in achieving speedy success. on which finger? Please take help from local astrologer for this. Finger To Wear Pukhraj Stone: According to astrology or planetary fingers, it should be worn on the index finger of the right hand. Leo – Ruby. I am presently wearing pukhraj. Please contact at with your query. Apart from this Rahu and Ketu’s stones Gomed and cat’s eye should also not be worn with Red Coral. Sun rules the zodiac sign Leo. i need to know that wearing my birthstone or navaratna is more good.. which should i prefer…. Please visit the link to buy the stones here, My date of birth is 09/05/1981, time : 7:15pm saturday, kark rashi. It means that its vibrations and purposes are more aligned with these channels. Can I wear white sapphire in second figure in gold? It also gives you name & fame, Prosperity. I should wear emerald for my ascendant and white sapphire for my weak venus. The gomed gemstone must be worn so as to push a native for exhausting the karmic desire wheel. Please contact us at if you want astrology services from our end. Please consult with the astrologer for more details about these stones. As we are in gemstone selling we can help you to get your readings from expert astrologer. I gotta favorite this web site it seems really beneficial. Then you can visit our website for the stone suggested by your astrologer. Sometimes it seems that i am facing shani rahu. Please Explain. It is difficult to say without seeing that it is a natural b... How to check emerald is crack inside a ring . My astrologer suggested me to wear diamond and blue Sapphire (Neelam) together can u tell me on which day I can wear that ring. It does not have physical existance, however, due to its capability of creating a greater impact on the life of a human being. We can guide you for the same and provide you the best gemstone that can help you to get ride of all the problems.. please contact our gemologist on +91 9216116688. Day To Wear Coral Stone: On Tuesday morning (Shukla Paksha). Please reload the CAPTCHA. Is there any one particular stone which can substitute all four. Please suggest. Please consult with expert astrologer for this. how to decide Good luck stone for me. For all these reasons Black star diopside is an exceptional stone to wear on the ring finger (self-expression and creativity) and index (ambition and learning). name: sharanya megha bk. Please consult with astrologer for stone recommendations…we can help you to select the best one. You should wear pearl in a gold ring in the index finger on either hand for all-round prosperity including good health, happiness in love & good career. Wear your chunky statement ring on your middle finger for a balanced impact, on your index finger to show off your confidence or on your thumb to be unique. Zercion in ring finger with silver Emerald in little finger with gold Blue sapphire in gold in middle finger I took suggestion from a known astrologer and he suggest me to wear the emerald in ring finger for my growth in carrer . Facing a lot of problems including separation from wife and daughter..and … Hessonite (Gomedh), blue Sapphire and cat’s eye, which you wear on your middle finger can have a positive effect on your liver, intestines and also the brain. Metal: For best result emerald should be worn in Gold or Silver. Ruby should be worn in Ring finger on Sunday. After getting the readings you will get a proper report from astrologer along with all recommendations. Pukhraj stone is the most expensive and precious gemstone. Gem recommendation services are paid and done by third party astrologer. I am not sure which it may be. So please take advise from local astrologer. My DOB 01/10/1970 Time :- 6:30 am mumbai. Please suggest. Day To Wear Hessonite Stone: For Good Results, Wearing Hessonite on Wednesday/Saturday morning in Shukla Paksha days. Emerald and pearl (worn on the little finger) influence the health of your reproductive system, genitals, your legs, and feet. coral is the stone of Mars & enemies of Mars are Mercury, Venus and Saturn. Sir me sudhakar dob 21.10.69 place of birth yellareddi.time 17.45. Your email address will not be published. Ruby, diamond, and red coral, which you wear on your ring finger, focus on the functioning of your heart, respiratory system, blood, stomach,and also the kidneys. is the only website for gems showcasing real-time inventory with over a 15000+ unique real-time gemstones listed on our online store at for you to choose from. It also generates a better understanding in the family for harmonious relationships. I mean where I can only wear one stone which ever it may be that fulfills all the above four. According to astrology, any harmful or negative energies of the planets can be balanced by the positive powers of the other planets when wearing Navaratna ring or bracelets. Purification and Activation of Gemstone:For Purification and activate the Pearl gemstone, Firstly, Dip the ring into Gangajal or cow milk at least 10 to 20 min before wearing. Sometime astrologer advise to wear gemstone as per your birth chart readigs. Benefits of Diamond as Rashi Stone. Ruby, diamond, and red coral, which you wear on your ring finger, focus on the functioning of your heart, respiratory system, blood, stomach,and also the kidneys. Plz suggest asap on my given email id. Day To Wear Neelam Stone: One should wear blue sapphire on Saturday morning, Time To Wear Neelam Stone: The best time to wear the Neelam stone in the first hour of the day (after sunrise), Buy Blue Sapphire Gemstone OnlineClick Here >>. Men should wear the Blue Sapphire/Neelam stone in the middle finger of their right hand unless their left hand is their working hand.3. If you want gem recommendations from our astrologer, please mail your details at I have worn a navaratna ring on my hand…can i wear a ring of another stone on my other hand, I am wearing navarathana ring, little consusion is that emerald,diamond & pearl should be down facing or up facing, right now i am wearing emerald,diamond & pearl in down facing,kindly please help me on this. Emerald possesses exceptional healing powers to enhance blood circulation and control diseases like asthma, diarrhea, ulcers, and stammering. Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun and the second-largest in the Solar System. Rahu represents the north node of the moon and the lower half of the snake. Chant the Mantra on a Sunday to purify the ruby before wearing it. Yellow sapphire gives good health, wisdom, prosperity, financial gain, longevity, and name, honored and fame. My date of birth is 4 august 1978 timing 4.40 am in morning. Moon signifies peace and calmness of the mind and It denotes the mother and heart of a person. My name is sanjay dob 01051986 Birth time 7 am muje kb gomed pahnna chiye plz tell me. how to wear an amethyst: Since, an amethyst is considered to be a substitute to the famed and expensive Blue Sapphire, initialising it requires … Secondly, Burn incense sticks and pray to the God Sun to bless you with his abundant blessings and recite mantra ॐसूर्यायनम: Minimum Weight Of The Ruby Stone: To get a good result, One should wear stone according to body weight (For 10Kg bodyweight need 1 Ratti). The enemy of a yellow sapphire is Mercury, Venus and Saturn, which are Emerald, Diamond, and blue sapphire Stone. This planet represents “planet of love” or “prince of planets”. However one told me that u should not wear both. Please contact at for more details and information. It doesn’t suits everyone so it is necessary to consult with an astrologer before wearing it. My advise to you is that please consult with your astrologer. Pour a sufficient quantity of this mixture into the glass or ceramic container, in order to fully immerse your ring or pendant. Yellow Sapphire – Pukhraj Gemstone is the Gemstone of Planet Jupiter [ Guru ] it should be worn in Index finger. Can i wear gomed (in minddle finger) and cats eye (in little finger) together in right hand? However, the debilitated or afflicted Venus can be … Day To Wear Cat’s Eye Stone: For Good Results, Wearing Cat’s Eye on Wednesday/Saturday morning in Shukla Paksha days. As the sun rises, start chanting the appropriate Mantra you’ve learnt.